3D street painting in Kashmir attracts locals as well as tourists

Srinagar, Sep 3 (ANI): In a bid to promote 3D art in India, famed artists converged in Jammu and Kashmir state and painted a street in Srinagar city. Artists said the 3D painting was common in foreign countries and should also be encouraged in India. The 3D street painting event took place at Zabarwan Park on the banks of Dal lake. The unique art initiative was organised by state's tourism department along with an event and sports management company, to attract locals as well as tourists. The street painting was being done by a group of painters from Kerala and Mexico. To spread the knowledge of 3D street painting in India, the group is going to travel from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The artists made 3D paintings of Kashmiri goats standing in front of a water and the signboard reading 'Kashmir'. Schoolchildren, tourists and locals enthusiastically watched the entire process. Sep 3, 2014

Trapped, then poisoned: Kabul's ruthless dog cull

Kabul's stray dogs are trapped and poisoned before dying a slow death as the city sparks outrage in its bid to protect residents from disease and control its canine population. Duration: 02:38 Sep 3, 2014

Lesotho police station bears marks of military operation

The Hamabote police station in Maseru still bears the marks of the operation run by the military. The few policemen present don’t wear uniforms and keep a low-profile. Lesotho's exiled prime minister delayed a planned return. Duration: 00:44 Sep 3, 2014

PFLP militants celebrate a week of truce in Gaza

Militants of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), held a rally in Gaza city on Tuesday to celebrate a week of truce between Israel and Hamas. Duration: 01:06 Sep 3, 2014

Turkey hosts Internet forum despite 'abysmal' online record

Turkey on Tuesday began hosting a major UN-backed forum on Internet governance aimed at promoting online use and cutting cyber crime, despite criticism over its "abysmal" record as an offender on limiting Internet rights. Duration: 01:11 Sep 3, 2014

At least half a million displaced by Ukraine conflict: UN

Fighting in Ukraine has driven over half a million people from their homes, the UN refugee agency said Tuesday, warning that the real number could be double that, in a crisis threatening the entire region. Duration: 00:55 Sep 3, 2014

New round of Mali peace talks opens in Algiers

Peace talks between the Malian government and armed rebels opened on Monday in the Algerian capital, the second round of negotiations since July aimed at clinching a lasting peace agreement. Duration: 01:20 Sep 3, 2014