Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine killing 295 aboard

Hrabove, Ukraine, July 18 (ANI): A Malaysian airliner was brought down over eastern Ukraine killing all 295 people aboard and sharply raising the stakes in a conflict between Kiev and pro-Moscow rebels. The plane was enroute to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, and it is being said that it was shot down. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Friday that _Russian-backed rebels_ were apparently behind the shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jetliner. Ukraine_s state security chief has accused Russian military intelligence officers of involvement with pro-Russian rebels in the downing of the airliner on Thursday, but Western leaders have until now been less quick to assign blame. Russian President Vladimir Putin also expressed sorrow for the loss and blamed the region_s military conflict in general. Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama also offered his condolences. Jul 18, 2014

UN refugee chief: World should help _generous_ Kurdistan

The head of the UN_s refugee agency praised Iraq_s autonomous region of Kurdistan for welcoming hundreds of thousands of displaced people and urged the world to offer it _massive_ support during a visit on Thursday. Duration: 00:58 Jul 18, 2014

French Jewish immigrants arrive in Israel amid Gaza crisis

Around 400 Jewish men, women and children arrived in Israel from France on Wednesday to immigrate and settle in the Jewish state. Despite the ongoing conflict with Gaza a few dozen of the newcomers are set to reside in Ashdod. Duration: 00:44 Jul 18, 2014

China's migrants rally for their children to get an education

Migrants flowing from the poverty-stricken countryside to the cities have been the engine of China's decades-long economic boom but many of their children are denied an education because of China's latest development plan. Duration: 00:48 Jul 18, 2014

Ukraine leader says airline crash _terrorist act_

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko believes that pro-Russian insurgents had shot down a Malaysian Airlines jet in the rebel-held east, and views it as a _terrorist act_, his official spokesman tweeted Thursday. Duration: 00:37 Jul 18, 2014

Afghan poll audit starts after Taliban raid airport

Afghanistan on Thursday began a massive audit of 8.1 million ballots cast in the run-off round of its controversial presidential vote, hours after a brazen Taliban raid on Kabul_s airport. Duration: 00:39 Jul 17, 2014