Parents at odds with anti-vaccination movement

Two-year-old Steven Coffee has had a liver transplant, and his father says he deserves a chance at life like everyone else. But the country's measles outbreak has presented complications. Steven Feb 8, 2015

Uruguay celebrates Carnival to its own special beat

It's party time on the streets of Uruguay's capital, Montevideo... hundreds get into costume -- and into the spirit -- of Carnival. Drums beat out the unique African-based rhythm, known here Feb 8, 2015

Doctors treat wounded child in Damascus bombing

Eight-year-old Ghazal Jabouli in Damascus, Syria stayed home from school Thursday. She told her sister she didn't want to die in rocket and mortar attacks -- in the country's protracted war. ( Feb 8, 2015

French MPs pay homage to Charlie Hebdo

It's been one month since Islamist gunmen killed 17 people in a series of attacks that began here in Paris... the offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. And it's still on many people's Feb 8, 2015

Lavrov says deal 'possible' to resolve Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday voiced optimism that a plan being worked on by Moscow, Berlin and Paris could bring an end to the Ukraine conflict. Duration: 00:29 Feb 7, 2015

Mexico seeks crematorium owner after 60 bodies found

Mexican police launch a manhunt for the owner of an abandoned crematorium after 60 bodies, including children, are found rotting in the Acapulco facility that closed a year ago. Duration: 00:50 Feb 7, 2015

Six killed in Bangladesh fire bomb attacks on bus

EDITORS PLEASE NOTE: THIS EDIT CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES EDITORS PLEASE NOTE: QUALITY AS INCOMING Burn victims are rushed to hospital in Bangladesh... ...after opposition activists hurled petrol Feb 7, 2015

Donetsk residents in constant fear of shelling

As international leaders seek an end to fighting in eastern Ukraine on the sidelines of a Munich security conference... ...residents in Donetsk say they live in constant fear of shelling. (SOUNDBITE Feb 7, 2015

Kiran Bedi thanks people of Delhi for voting in large numbers, says updated surveys will be in favou

New Delhi, Feb 07 (ANI): BJP's chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi on Saturday thanked people of Delhi for coming out and voting in assembly polls. Bedi also thanked BJP for reposing its faith in her and assigning her with the responsibility of party's CM candidate. Bedi said that the current surveys showing greater number of seats to AAP than the BJP is based on surveys till 3:00 PM. She said that the updated surveys of voter turnout from 3:00 to 6:00 PM will be in favour of BJP. She said that the results are not yet out and there still is a chance for BJP's victory. Feb 7, 2015

Nitish Kumar thanks JD (U) legislative party for his anointment as party leader

Patna, Feb 07 (ANI): JD (U) Senior Leader Nitish Kumar on Saturday thanked the legislative party for his anointment as party leader. He blamed BJP for dividing the party for its political interests. Kumar also said that he recommended name of Jitan Ram Manjhi for chief minister of the state earlier and asked the party to ply with the same. But ultimately, the unrest in the party and among the citizens of the state regarding development in the state led to such political crisis in Bihar. Feb 7, 2015

West Bengal NGO organize Sports event for HIV positive kids

Siliguri, Feb 07 (ANI): HIV positive children and adults took part in a sports and cultural event in West Bengal on Saturday to spread awareness about the virus. A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)--West-Bengal Voluntary Health Organisation (WBVHO)--organised the meet, which was attended by people from all walks of life. During the meet, children participated in various events like frog race, biscuit eating competition, etc, while parents took part in musical chairs, passing the ball, etc. About 80 families from different parts of the state took part in this event. The NGO works for creating awareness among people about HIV to change the thinking of the society. Meanwhile, a participant Dhan Kumar Rai said that such events boost morale and bring happiness. Feb 7, 2015