Two dead in Belgium raid on 'Syria terror group'

Belgian police shot dead two suspected jihadists alleged to have been on the verge of a major terrorist attack in a new alarm for Europe days after 17 people were killed in Paris. Duration: 01:30 Jan 16, 2015

Kerry accuses Boko Haram of 'crime against humanity'

US Secretary of State John Kerry branded a Boko Haram massacre in northern Nigeria a "crime against humanity" as satellite images suggested massive destruction in the two towns reported razed by its fighters. Duration: 00:38 Jan 16, 2015

Cartoonist Georges Wolinski laid to rest

Cartoonist Georges Wolinski, 80, was laid to rest in a private family funeral after he was gunned down by two Islamist brothers in last week's attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. Duration: 00:50 Jan 16, 2015

French astrophysics lab to shed light on dark matter

After developing instruments for Rosetta, the Astrophysics Laboratory of Marseille announces participation in future missions, including Euclid, a European telescope to study the secrets of dark matter. Duration: 01:03 Jan 16, 2015

Hollande says Muslims 'main victims of fanaticism'

French President Francois Hollande says that Muslims suffered the most from fundamentalism and intolerance, as the country grapples with the fallout from a string of Islamist attacks. Duration: 01:04 Jan 16, 2015

Muslim lawmakers, scholars condemn Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Pakistan's parliament condemns French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for printing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, describing it as "blasphemous" and criticising Western media for reprinting the caricature. Duration: 01:13 Jan 16, 2015