Mexicos millionaire getaways pummelled Hurricane by Patricia

Mexico may have dodged a bullet from the fury of Hurricane Patricia, but jet setters like Bill Gates, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cindy Crawford will have to find a new playground for now after the storm ravaged some of the worlds most exclusive holiday homes. Patricia, packing 165mph winds, carved a swathe through relatively remote parts of rural Mexico last week, hammering exclusive retreats favoured by A-list stars. Oct 27, 2015

Isis in Syria: Fighters take control of main checkpoint into Aleppo

Islamic State (IS) has taken control of a major checkpoint in the Syrian city of Aleppo, amateur footage posted on the internet appears to show. A video clip said to be filmed on Sunday (25 October) purports to show the chaotic state of what is said to be a Syrian Army checkpoint after it was taken over by IS fighters. A caption on the video reads: A Syrian Army checkpoint situated on the road between Ithriya and Khanaser south of Aleppo, after Islamic State took control of it. October 25, 2015. Oct 27, 2015

Richard Branson: Legalise all drugs and prostitution

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson reiterated his call to end the criminal punishment of drug abusers. Branson was part of a panel discussion on drug policy sponsored by the International Crisis Group and Foreign Affairs in New York on Monday (26 October). Oct 27, 2015