Valentines Day: WWII sweethearts reunited after 70 years

Decades may have passed, but the love between 93 year-old World War II veteran Norwood Thomas and his wartime girlfriend, Joyce Morris, now 88 years-old, was clearly still burning strong when the two lovebirds reunited in Australia on Wednesday (February 10) after 70 years apart. Feb 11, 2016

Egypt: Train crashes into concrete leaving more than 100 injured

Over 100 people were wounded when a train crashed into concrete south of Cairo in the early hours of 11 February, according to Al-Ahram state media. Tens of ambulances were rushed to the scene to treat the wounded, however local news reports said that the injuries were minimal. The train was headed from Aswan to the capital Cairo. The train collided with a concrete block which led it to derail, lifting the front of one of the carriages several meters into the air. Feb 11, 2016

Donald Trump: US becoming a ‘third-world country’

Fresh off his primary win in New Hampshire, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump set his sights on South Carolina, on 10 February, the next state to hold a primary. While Trump had been expected to win New Hampshires nominating contest, he swamped the Republican field by almost 20 points, demonstrating that his passionate, anti-establishment supporters could be relied on to show up and vote when it counts. Feb 11, 2016

EU referendum: Lib Dem leader Tim Farron warns of Brexit

The NHS could be put under further pressure if the UK broke away from the EU, Tim Farron has suggested. The Liberal Democrat warned that elderly ex-pats, forced to return to Britain after a split from Brussels, would place a significant strain on public services. Feb 11, 2016