Police release video showing house search in connection with attacks

Frances armed police released a video on Tuesday (17 November) of an overnight raid, during a nationwide overnight sweep on suspected Islamist militants following the Paris attacks. The video showed police staff in body armour entering a home on Monday (16 November) and searching electronics, DVD cases and documents. Nov 17, 2015

Chinese man eats 2.5kg of chillies a day

Fifty-four-year-old Chinese man Li Yongzhi can take the heat. He starts his morning by eating several dried chillies hanging around his home, and brushing his teeth with the spicy fruit in his mouth, to wake him up. He then consumes a breakfast composed entirely of raw chillies and pure dried chilli powder, without flinching. Li says he eats about 2-2.5kg of them every day, on average. Nov 17, 2015