Colombia: Violence erupts in Bogota as taxi drivers lead Uber protest

More than a dozen people were arrested in Bogota on 14 March, after a protest against the ride-sharing app Uber turned violent, clogging streets in the Colombian capital as riot police responded with tear gas. Thousands of taxi drivers marched on downtown Bogota, creating congestion in the bustling capital city. Tensions frayed with vehicles being attacked, and riot police moved in – four of whom were injured. Mar 15, 2016

Donald Trump says Iraq is ‘Harvard University for terrorists’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump hunted for votes in three states on 14 March, ahead of a crucial round of nominating contests, and dismissed outbreaks of violence at his campaign events as a little disruption. The businessman also told supporters what he saw as the failures of the US-led coalition in Iraq and the fight against Islamic State (Isis). He said the country is in worse shape than before Saddam Hussein was overthrown. Mar 15, 2016