Nap lounges sprout up in stressed-out Hong Kong

Napping is a serious business for many, so many companies are trying to make napping their business. Hong Kong is pricey, cramped and crowded, so finding a tranquil space is hard come by, at any hour. Companies like Nap Lounge are trying to change that. Hong Kong professionals can sneak in up to an hour of shut-eye for just over HK$10 ($1.30, 92p) in the middle of a hectic day. Feb 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders action toy funded on Kickstarter

Orders for a 6” tall Bernie Sanders action figure – complete with signature slouch, open mouth and accusatory pointed finger – were flooding in from fans on Kickstarter, months ahead of the products delivery date in July. Brooklyn-based FCTRY created a prototype for the plastic version of the Vermont senator and started a campaign with a goal of raising $15,000 (£10,640) to fund production. Within 24 hours FCTRY had raised about $40,000 from fans snapping up various deals, including a sold-out $20 offer for a single Bernie Sanders action figure called The Early Bern Special #1. Feb 26, 2016