Man arrives in Honolulu after two months lost at sea

A 29-year-old Colombian man who had been lost at sea for 2 months arrived safely in Honolulu on 4 May, after he was rescued in the south-eastern Pacific by a merchant ship. He was spotted by a China-bound cargo vessel, the Panama-flagged Nikkei Verde, on 26 April, and was transferred to a US Coast Guard vessel off Honolulu, according to the US Coast Guard. May 6, 2016

Texas: Four-alarm fire destroys Houston warehouse

A four-alarm fire destroyed a warehouse while causing a west Houston neighbourhood to be locked down on 5 May. A fire started in a home before it spread to A-1 Custom Packaging’s warehouse, according to local news reports. May 6, 2016

58 People in Sheffield want Elmo as their MP

A man in an Elmo costume got 58 votes in the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election on 5 May. The New Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Bobby Smith was standing for the Give Me Back Elmo Party in the by-election won by Labour candidate Gill Furniss, who was the wife of former MP Harry Harpham. May 6, 2016