Nandmuri Kalyan Ram in Sher
Nandmuri Kalyan Ram in SherTwitter

Telugu film "Sher" has fared badly at the worldwide box office in its first weekend. The film has become a hat-trick failure for director Mallikarjun and actor Kalyan Ram.

Ever since it was announced, "Sher" had created ripples in the media for all the good reasons. Its promos had generated a lot of curiosity among movie buffs. Having secured good advance booking, the movie was released in about 620 screens across the globe. Its huge hype, promotion and volume of release made everyone think that it would beat the record of "Pataas", which is the biggest opener for Ram.

"Sher" witnessed good amount of footfalls in the premiere shows in international markets and early morning shows in India on 30 October. The movie was expected to see a big leap in subsequently. But the mixed word-of-mouth did allow it happen. The film registered an average of 55% occupancy in both single screens and multiplexes around the world on its opening day.

The Kalyan Ram and Sonal Chauhan starrer is estimated to have grossed Rs 1.75 crore at the worldwide box office on the first day. It distributor share stood at Rs 1.20 crore. "Sher" failed to beat the opening day collection record of "Pataas", which is the biggest opener for the hero with its first day share of Rs 1.70 core for its distributors.

The box office business of "Sher" faced a steep decline on Saturday and Sunday. The movie is estimated to have grossed approximately Rs 4 crore at the worldwide box office in the first weekend. It is estimated to have earned a share of Rs 2.50 crore for its distributors in three days, reports Andhra Box Office.

Kalyan Ram's last release "Pataas" has reportedly grossed Rs 7.81 crore at the worldwide box office in its first weekend. Its three-day share of distributors stood at Rs 5.26 crore, according to ABO. His latest outing "Sher" has failed to beat this record. Despite having more screens, the movie has failed to cross even the half-way mark.

"Sher" is the third combo movie of actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and director Mallikarjuna. Their previous films "Abhimanyu" and "Kalyanram Kathi" bombed at the box office. The duo has scored a hat-trick of failures with this movie.

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