Daily Exercise Lowers Heart Failure Risk

Spending at least one hour for moderate exercise or half an hour for vigorous physical activity every day reduced risk of heart failure by 46 percent. Sep 3, 2014

Chocolate garnish

Sometimes simplicity is the best! Here is a simple chocolate garnish you can make at home using just melted chocolate, butter paper and cookie cutter. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dessertdecor Sep 3, 2014

4 spices to lose weight

id you know that Spices could help you lose weight? We will see 4 spices that help in weight loss Sep 2, 2014
Harsh Vardhan

Harsh Vardhan to Abolish Special Quotas in Organ Donations

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has said that he would try to ensure complete transparency, in the case of organ donations after the National Organ & Tissue Transplantation Organization (NOTTO) starts its operations. Sep 2, 2014