Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano erupts spewing ash and smoke

Mexicos Popocatepetl volcano erupted on Thursday (29 October), belching ash and smoke across blue skies, authorities reported. A spectacular column of ash erupted from the volcano at 8.57am local time. The volcano is located 50 miles southeast of the capital, Mexico City. Oct 30, 2015

Chile: Atacama Desert blooms into spectacular carpet of flowers

Chiles Atacama Desert has turned into a mauve-coloured carpet of flowers following a downpour of rain from the countrys north that has seen the normally arid region turn to a psychedelic wonderland of shades of purple. This phenomenon takes place every five to seven years but this is the most spectacular blossoming the region has seen in the past 18 years. Oct 29, 2015

Nasas Cassini probe to make lowest pass over Enceladus

Nasas Cassini probe is scheduled to make its lowest pass yet over Saturns Enceladus moon on Wednesday (28 October), swooping through the moons towering plume of ice and water vapour to provide new insights into how hospitable the ocean thought to cover Enceladus could be to life. Oct 28, 2015

Costa Rica: Turrialba volcano spews ash in powerful eruption

Costa Ricas Turrialba volcano belched a column of gas and ash high into the sky on Tuesday (26 October), the latest in a series of eruptions at the majestic volcano. According to officials, the eruption occurred at 8.37am and was a little bigger than recent activity at the site. Geologist Floribet Vega said that dozens of eruptions have been registered at Turrialba in recent days. Oct 28, 2015