• Salman Khan and Gautam GulatiTwitter
  • Salman Khan and Gautam GulatiTwitter
  • Salman Khan and Gautam GulatiTwitter

Since the beginning of the controversial show "Bigg Boss", actor Salman Khan has been criticized for his bias towards some contestants. It is no different in this season of "Bigg Boss 8" (BB8) and with contestant Gautam Gulati.

The superstar has always supported the model-turned-TV actor, who is hated by other contestants and many viewers for his controversial statements and his relationship with Diandra Soares.

Here are some viewer reactions:

Bigg Boss is so biased towards Gautam it's unbelievable! They've even got Salman defending him every week whether he's right or wrong #BB8

— ♥ Sabrina ♥ ✌️ (@sababyy) November 2, 2014

Salman totally ignored Gautam stealing food and called Karishma selfish again instead.. If its not biased what the hell is this? #bb8 — Ervin (@LostAlien666) December 7, 2014

So Gautam is Salman Khan brother in laws best friend..no wonder why he is so biased towards him..BB is now Salman's family show #BB8

— Ervin (@LostAlien666) December 9, 2014

A celebrity PR, Dale Bhagwagar, who has worked with several Bollywood A-listers, has recently released some photos on Twitter featuring Salman and Gautam reportedly taken in 2010.

The photos reveal that Gautam shares a good rapport with Salman outside the "Bigg Boss" house. There are reports that Gautam and Salman gymmed together. So the surprise that Salman showed when he saw Gautam's crazy tricks during the beginning of Season 8 was all scripted?

Salman grills contestants for being biased in their one week captaincy...wat abt him bein biased towards gautam puneet d whole season?? #BB8

— Mani Gupta (@manigupta91) December 6, 2014

However, Gulati, who has managed to grab the attention of the viewers from the first week of the eighth edition of "Bigg Boss" is one of the strong contestants and has proved himself a tough competitor.

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