Most Bizarre Scenes on Good Friday: Devotees Nailed to the Cross [PHOTOS]

Good Friday, which marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ that took place more than 2000 years ago, is being observed by various Christian denominations around the world. The faithful avoid all luxuries on the day in remembrance of the sufferings their saviour went through during the last hours of his earthly life. But in what could be seen as something bizarre, some Christians in northern Philippines observe the day literally by being nailed on the cross. Mar 29, 2013

How Smoke From Sistine Chapel Chimney Signals if New Pope is Chosen

As Roman Catholic cardinals from around the world gather at the Sistine Chapel for a conclave on Tuesday to elect a new pope, all eyes will be on the chimney of the conclave through which the result of the election will be announced by sending out smoke. Mar 13, 2013