Bollywood actor Rabir Kapoor was seen paying late night visit at actor Aamir Khan's residence on 28 April.

Along with Ranbir, his close friends Ayan Mukerji, Anurag Kashyap and Karan Johar were also seen.

Ranbir tried to avoid the camera by hiding his face with his cap and was seen moving quickly to get into his car along with director Karan Johar while leaving Aamir's apartment.

Director Ayan and Anurag were also seen leaving together from Aamir's residence right after Ranbir and Karan left. Ranbir has a good relation with three of the directors. Ayan and Anurag are close friends of Ranbir, who have worked together in hit blockbuster films.

It remains curious to know the purpose of this late night get together of the directors and the superstars.


Ayan Mukerji and Anurag Basu at Aamir Khan's residence
Ranbir at Aamir Khan's residence