• Sarah Stage is eight and half month pregnantInstagram
  • Sarah Stage, a lingerie model has become an internet sensation for having a toned body despite being almost nine month pregnant.Instagram
  • Stage is 30-year old and her body now have become a topic of public debate.Instagram
  • Sarah StageInstagram
  • Sarah Stage has over 1.3 million followers on InstagramInstagram

Sarah Stage, a 30-year old pregnant model from Los Angeles has become an internet sensation for her fit body.

Stage, who is almost nine months pregnant has six-pack abs and shows no signs of a 'baby bump.'

She has now become a topic of debate among health experts and hundreds of would-be moms after she regularly posted pictures on Instagram showing off her svelte and toned body.

Her 'fine curves' with almost no signs of pregnancy even divided the 1.3 million Instagram followers of the lingerie model.

While many online users are of the opinion that the eight and half month pregnant model may be somehow harming the baby, there are many who came out in her defence.

An Instagram user, who goes by the name of shasat stated: " Omg everyone needs to calm down!!! Im a doctor im  sure her baby is fine! Esp if shes getting adequate prenatal care! Believe it or not some women just dont show as much, esp during thier first pregnancy!

"When my mom had me, she said it just looked like a tiny pooch.. So everyone stop fit-shaming this women. And if god forbid anything happens to her child its on her.. Not you! And if vice versa... The jokes on all you annoying haters..So calm down already..."

Stage also runs a website, where she claims that she wants to "share my journey of pregnancy and motherhood."

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 ɐɥʇıqɐɥs ' ‏@PShabitha 

I just happened to stumble upon this 9 month pregnant model's insta..If I stood beside her I'd probably look like I'm pregnant with twins

Dani Doll ‏@Dani_Mariie 

she still has abs!!

atya Mukherjee ‏@mukherjeesatya 

Am I the only one surprised to discover she's 9 months pregnant?

surgicalcaps.com ‏@surgicalcaps  

You'd never guess that 30-year-old model Sarah Stage was 8 ½ months #pregnant based on her tiny baby bump


Shout out to fit moms, who stay committed while making sure they eat the right foods to give the proper nutrition.

Jan Dizon ‏@randompinay  

8.5 months pregnant and she just looks like she ate a pizza. 

Anyssa ‏@AnyssaSuchALady

Ladies take notes! Pregnancy is not an excuse . #getoffyourass #eathealthier 

OppressedFart ‏@OppressedFart  

Shaming a woman for looking good during pregnancy. #WomenAreWonderful #FeminismIsAwful