Swine flu patients complain of inadequate medical facilities in New Delhi

Shimla/ New Delhi, Feb 18 (ANI): Patients undergoing treatment for swine flu in India's capital New Delhi have complained of inadequate medical facilities in government hospitals. India has seen a steep rise in the number of swine flu deaths and reported cases this year, prompting officials to investigate the cause and step up efforts to combat the virus. Annoyed patients and their relatives at government-run hospitals said that they were running out of medicines. Yadav's son, attending him at the hospital, has also got infected with the H1N1 virus. However, spokesperson of Delhi government, Nagendra Sharma, said that the government was doing its bit to augment the availability of medical equipments. Feb 18, 2015

Bangladesh PM seeks citizens' support to fight political violence

Dhaka, Feb 18 (ANI): Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has appealed to citizens to unite against forces igniting political violence in the country. Hasina was participating in a discussion titled, ‘BNP-Jamaat’s Arson Violence-Blood Stained Bangladesh’ when she broke down into tears watching a documentary where the victims of political violence narrated their ordeal. She added that people, who fell prey to the violence allegedly ignited by BNP-Jamaat-e-Islami, need to be recognized as martyrs. The discussion was attended by ministers, advisers to the Prime Minister, parliament members, diplomats, heads of different foreign missions, vice-chancellors and teachers of various universities, editors and senior lawyers. Feb 18, 2015

Real Face of Pakistan

Pakistan/Muzaffarabad, PoK, February 17, 2015: Pakistan may be in denial about its involvement in Afghanistan or about supporting Taliban, but none another it's ex President Parvez Musharraf has spilled the beans. He confirms that Pakistan's ISI is supporting Taliban. India's position stands vindicated. Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf has said that under his regime, Pakistan had tried to undermine the Afghan government led by ex-president Hamid Karzai. He also added that spies in Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had given birth to the Taliban after 2001 because the Karzai government had an overwhelming number of non-Pashtuns and officials who were said to favour India, "In President Karzai's times, yes, indeed, he was damaging Pakistan and, therefore, we were working against his interest."That is where the intelligence work comes in. Intelligence being in contact with Taliban groups. Definitely they were in contact, and they should be," the 71-year-old former dictator told The Guardian Former Pakistani president spilled the beans but stayed mum on Pakistan's role in fomenting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Musharaf's interview has revealed what the world has been saying. Feb 17, 2015

Libyans mark four years after uprising

Thousands of Libyans gather to mark four years after the uprising that toppled former leader, Muammar Gaddafi. The country's transition has been plagued with political infighting, rival governments Feb 18, 2015

SAARC member countries participate in "South Asian Biotechnology Conference" in New Delhi

New Delhi, Feb 18 (ANI): The faculty of Life Sciences and Biotech of South Asia University in New Delhi hosts a 3-day long "SouthAsian Biotechnology Conference" in the capital. Delegates from SAARC countries participated in the event to discuss the feasibility and modalities of enhanced cooperation in the area of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. Sameer M. Dixit, the director of Research, Center for Molecular Dynamics, Nepal said the initiative of collaborative research by India will be useful in expanding R and D and other developments in biotechnology. Sharing of research ideas by various countries will bring a new revolution in the field of science. Jamal Ahmad Mahmood from Afghanistan says India will serve as a good platform for Afghan scientists to carry on their research work. The developments made by India in the field of biotechnology are encouraging nations like Bangladesh to come forward and collaborate to work on biotech in India. Feb 18, 2015

Red Cross convoy attacked in Myanmar

ROUGH CUT (NO REPORTER NARRATION) Unknown attackers shot and wounded two people in a convoy of eight vehicles marked with the emblem of the Myanmar Red Cross Society that was attempting to transport Feb 18, 2015

Kosovo marks sombre anniversary facing exodus

Kosovo marks a sombre seventh anniversary of independence from Serbia as the mainly ethnic Albanian territory grapples with an exodus triggered by deep economic malaise. Duration: 00:53 Feb 18, 2015

NGOs, people wary of anti-rebel DR Congo offensive

NGOs and people in the Democratic Republic of Congo are wary of a possible offensive against Hutu rebels in the country's restive east, saying it could cause problems for the civilian population. Duration: 00:48 Feb 18, 2015