Delhi Elections 2013: Narendra Modi's Rally vs Sheila Dikshit's Google+ Hangout

While BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi made the enthused public shout slogans during his rally on Saturday, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit conducted a one-on-one Google+ hangout with few citizens, who were questioning her 15 years of governance and what she has planned for the future. Nov 30, 2013

No Air Defence on Indian Border, says China

China on Thursday announced that the nation has no intentions of setting up an Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) on the disputed Indian side of the border. Nov 29, 2013

Will India Still be Affected by US-Iran Nuke Deal?

Even as the six world powers see potential in the Iranian nuclear deal to resolve a decade-old global standoff following intense negotiations, India is unlikely to benefit from the agreement that would see Iran curb its uranium enrichment programme in exchange for a lift on the sanctions by the European Union. Nov 25, 2013