Nigeria: Concern over vote rigging in Presidential election

Nigerias main opposition party spokesman said that they are confident of a presidential election win, but worried that the government will interfere with the results as they are collated from thousands of polling stations countrywide. Mar 30, 2015

Houthis stage rally in Sana’a against Saudi-led air strikes

Houthis rallied in Yemens capital on 26 March as warplanes from Saudi Arabia and Arab allies struck at the Houthi militia forces who have taken over much of the country in their campaign to oust President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi. Mar 27, 2015

Obama: It is now hard to find a path on Israeli-Palestinian peace

In a fresh rebuke to Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Barack Obama said the Israeli leaders pre-election disavowal of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict makes it hard to find a path toward serious negotiations to resolve the issue. Mar 23, 2015

Brazil: Dilma Rousseff announces measures to combat corruption

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff launched an anti-corruption offensive on 18 March to counter rising discontent over a kickback scandal engulfing state-run oil company Petrobras that has implicated her allies and undermined her popularity. Mar 19, 2015