20,000 Australians rally to welcome refugees and protest far-right groups

Australians have rallied to welcome refugees and against far-right sentiment in the country.More than 20,000 people went on the streets in 25 cities and towns across the country. People worry about a rise in anti-immigration rhetoric.Australia’s tough immigration policy was also criticised.Asylum seekers trying to reach the country by boat are kept in camps on islands in Papua New Guinea. Oct 22, 2016

Foraging in London: What you need to know to stay safe

Foraging has become popular once again in recent years after falling out of favour in the 50s and 60s with the rise of supermarkets. A preference for local and sustainable food has led to more people searching for eatable plants, berries and mushrooms in parks and woodlands. Jason Irving, of Forage Wild Food, explains what the rules are to stay safe. Oct 21, 2016

Labours Tracy Brabin heckled while paying tribute to Jo Cox after winning by-election

Former Coronation Street actress Tracy Brabin was heckled after winning the Batley and Spen seat for Labour following the killing of MP Jo Cox. Brabin was heckled by rival candidates supporters that included far-right parties like the BNP and National Front. Nine independent and fringe party candidates contested the seat after the main parties didnt field a candidate in respect. All nine candidates lost their deposits. Oct 21, 2016