Belgium investigates plane crash that killed skydivers

Investigators seek clues to how a plane carrying 10 skydivers, including one making her maiden jump for her birthday, crashed shortly after takeoff in Belgium, killing everyone on board, including the pilot. Duration: 00:44 Oct 20, 2013

Syrian activist in UK keeps grim toll of civil war

His reports are combed through by the UN, foreign ministers and the international press: Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, counts the victims in Syria daily thanks to informants on the ground. Duration: 01:17 Oct 20, 2013

Sydney's iconic Opera House celebrates 40 years

Sydney's Opera House, world heritage-listed as "one of the indisputable masterpieces of human creativity", celebrates its 40th birthday with a flotilla of lifesavers, Aboriginal dancers and a gigantic cupcake. Duration: 00:46 Oct 20, 2013

Suicide truck bomb kills dozens in Syria's Hama

A suicide bomber blows up a truck laden with explosives at an army checkpoint in Syria's central city of Hama, killing dozens of people, a monitoring group says. Duration: 00:40 Oct 20, 2013

Nasheed protests as police stop Maldives vote

Maldivian opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed demands fresh elections under a caretaker president, after police forced the postponement of a vote he was expected to win. Duration: 00:41 Oct 20, 2013

Delhi hospitals overflow with hidden dengue epidemic

Dengue fever, one of the world's major mosquito-borne diseases, infects thousands in the Indian capital each summer. But this year numbers are on the rise and hospitals are overflowing with sufferers. Duration: 02:36 Oct 20, 2013

Afghans flock to peace concert

Afghans enjoy a musical interlude as a peace concert with performers from across the region takes place in the capital Kabul. Duration: 00:45 Oct 20, 2013

PM reaches Russia to attend 14th India-Russian Annual Summit

Moscow, Oct 20 (ANI): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has reached Moscow to attend the 14th India-Russian Annual Summit. Singh stated that the two countries are going to review their partnership and other aspects such as atomic energy, defense cooperation, space cooperation, science& technology, trade& investment. Singh also added that they will also review international & regional development of the two countries and find out how they can work to make world safe with peace and prosperity. Oct 20, 2013

Maoist menace once again stops development work in Jharkhand, locals disappointed

Latehar, Oct 20 (ANI): Desperate to retain their ever shrinking ground, the Maoists either force innocent villagers to join their outfit or demand huge sums of money to back their existence. For extortion money, these rebels even hinder development work and threaten traders and contractors of dire consequences in case of non-compliance with their demands. Recently, when the building contractors failed to oblige the extortion demands, a group of Maoists in Jharkhand forced a halt to the construction of a culvert that was being built over a stream in Latehar district to connect two villages. When the contractors refused to concede to these demands, the Maoists damaged everything they could lay hand on at the construction site. Oct 20, 2013

Salman Khurshid on Nawaz Sharif seeking US intervention in Kashmir

New Delhi, Oct 20 (ANI): External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Sunday said that India will not accept any intervention by the United States on the issue of Kashmir. Khurshid further added that Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan. Khurshid's statement came after media reports quoted Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif saying how he had sought for intervention from the US over the Kashmir issue. Oct 20, 2013

Sushma Swaraj hits out at Rahul Gandhi over land acquisition bill

Sonipat, Oct 20 (ANI): Senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj on Sunday hit out at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for saying that the opposition was not in favour of the land acquisition bill in Parliament. Swaraj during a party rally in Sonipat said that Rahul doesn't track the parliament's proceedings and makes wrong statements. Oct 20, 2013

Defense expert on Nawaz Sharif seeking US intervention in Kashmir

New Delhi, Oct 20 (ANI): Reacting on Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's demand of US intervention in resolving the Kashmir issue, Indian defense expert Bharat Verma said that this move exposes the Pakistan PM in front of those who used to think that he has a different mindset from the Pakistani army. Verma added that his demand is not going to get him anywhere. He further added that there is no dispute over Kashmir from India's side. Oct 20, 2013

Bangladeshs Jamaat-e-Islami The past and its future

Dhaka, Oct 20 (ANI): Post 1947, Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan and was known as East Pakistan. Soon after the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 following a 9 month long violent struggle against Pakistan, the father of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman banned communal parties in the country and declared secularism and socialism to be the state principles. These steps were taken to stop the rise of Islamist forces; especially the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami. This party was not in favour of breaking away with Muslim-majority Pakistan. Oct 20, 2013

CBI should be allowed to work independently: Congress on coal scam

New Delhi, Oct 20 (ANI): Congress leader Rashid Alvi on Sunday stated that the CBI is an independent body and if it is probing the coal scam case, it should be given full authority to do it. Talking about the Nira Radia case, he further added that the Congress respects the Supreme Court's order but till the time the investigation is complete, the image of the top industrialists should not be tarnished. Oct 20, 2013