French, Dutch far-right discuss European alliance

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen travelled to The Hague Wednesday to discuss forging closer ties with Dutch anti-Islamic leader Geert Wilders ahead of next year's European elections. Duration: 00:36 Nov 13, 2013

Russia transfers Greenpeace crew from Murmansk

Greenpeace officials on Wednesday expressed thier doubts on the transfer to St. Petersburg of thirty members of the crew of their ship, imprisoned since September after an action in the Arctic. Nov 13, 2013

Historic face-lift falls flat in South Korea's Seoul

South Korea's botched attempt to restore a burned-out national treasure to its 600-year old glory has triggered a bout of national hand-wringing over cultural mismanagement and the loss of traditional skills. Duration: 00:38 Nov 13, 2013

JFK's daughter becomes US ambassador to Japan

Caroline Kennedy, the lone surviving child of slain US president John F. Kennedy, calls Japan "our most important ally" in Asia as she takes up the post of ambassador to Japan. Nov 13, 2013