Anger in France as controversial comic's show banned

France's Socialist government on Thursday claimed a last-gasp victory in its battle to prevent a controversial stand-up comic from launching a nationwide tour with a show widely condemned as anti-Semitic. Duration: 00:47 Jan 10, 2014

Juan Carlos biographer: Spain lacks trust in the monarchy

Once almost taboo, Spaniards are now talking seriously about a possible abdication by 76-year-old King Juan Carlos as he battles a string of health woes and his youngest daughter fights a corruption scandal. Duration: 00:56 Jan 10, 2014

France bans 'anti-Semitic' Dieudonne tour, fans protest

France's highest administrative court, the Council of State, on Thursday overturned a local judge's ruling that comic Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala should be allowed to perform in the western city of Nantes. Duration: 00:42 Jan 10, 2014

US: S. Sudan's new democracy in danger of 'shattering'

South Sudan's young democracy risks "shattering" amid fierce fighting which left over 1,000 dead, a US official warned Thursday, adding Washington had no evidence of an attempted coup. Duration: 01:00 Jan 10, 2014

Hundreds of S.Sudanese flee country's warzone by water

They came at dawn in their hundreds, squeezed onto barges that slipped across the river through the frontlines under cover of darkness, the latest to escape from South Sudan's fighting. Duration: 00:48 Jan 10, 2014

African leaders open crisis summit on C. Africa

African leaders began talks Thursday in Chad's capital Ndjamena to tackle the sectarian violence wracking the Central African Republic, with the pressure piling on the embattled president. Duration: 00:34 Jan 10, 2014

Rocket takes off on ISS resupply mission

Orbital Sciences Corporation on Thursday launched its unmanned Cygnus cargo ship on the company's first regular supply mission to the International Space Station. Duration: 00:33 Jan 10, 2014

US Governor Christie 'humiliated' in bridge closure scandal

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a potential Republican presidential hopeful, declared himself "embarrassed and humiliated" by the conduct of his staff over the closure of a bridge that has blown up into a political scandal. Duration: 00:55 Jan 10, 2014