Kiran Kumar Reddy urges Prez Mukherjee to keep Andhra Pradesh united

New Delhi, Feb 06 (ANI): Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy appealed to President Pranab Mukherjee to ensure that the state is kept united, and added that people from the entire region would suffer if the proposed division takes place. Reddy further said that the will of the Andhra Pradesh people is reflected in the unopposed resolution who have been advocating for a united state. He also added that bifurcation of any state should be taken forward only if it is for the betterment of the people. Feb 6, 2014

'Bionic hand' can now sense shape, texture

An amputee with a bionic hand has for the first time been able to feel the texture and shape of objects in his grasp, European researchers said Wednesday. Duration: 01:54 Feb 6, 2014

More rain hits English village cut off by floodwater

More than 8,000 homes were without power in southwest England on Wednesday after fresh storms battered the region, sending huge waves crashing onto the coastline and damaging sea defences. Duration: 01:19 Feb 6, 2014

Pacific castaway's former boss not surprised he survived

José Salvador Alvarenga, the Pacific castaway who spent 13 months adrift in a small fishing boat, used to lead a very modest and hard life for a fisherman long before he got lost at sea, his colleagues remember. Duration: 01:18 Feb 6, 2014

Spanish cargo ship breaks in two off French coast

France's Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier says there is probably no risk "of massive pollution" near Bayonne, where a Spanish cargo ship hit a dyke and split in two, raising fears of a fuel leak. Duration: 00:40 Feb 6, 2014

Ranchers pray for rain in drought-hit California

California Governor Jerry Brown declares a state of emergency due to what could be the worst drought in a century. For ranchers, the drought means no grass for their cattle, forcing them to buy expensive hay or just sell their cows. Duration: 01:26 Feb 6, 2014

Embattled Erdogan rallies Berlin's Turkish community

Wracked by a damaging corruption scandal at home, a defiant Turkish prime minister took his election campaign to the streets of Berlin Tuesday, seeking to rally Germany's vast Turkish community. Duration: 00:47 Feb 6, 2014

China's military rise prominent in 2014 IISS defence outlook

The rise in Asian power, unrest in The Central African Republic and cyber security were all topics top of the agenda during the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Military Balance 2014 annual assessment. Duration:00:57 Feb 6, 2014

Carmakers hope for better days at morose India Auto Show

Global car manufacturers jostled for attention at the opening of the Indian Auto Expo on Wednesday, attempting to revive buyers' interest in a local market that is contracting for the first time in a decade. Duration: 00:47 Feb 6, 2014

Bosnia celebrates 30th anniversary of Sarajevo Games

Thirty years ago Sarajevo was the host of the 1984 Winter Olympics. A ceremony to remember the event was held in Jahorina on Saturday, during which national ski star Zana Novakovic lit a symbolic torch. Duration: 01:02 Feb 6, 2014

Olympics: Villagers say homes destroyed by Games

Sochi's Olympic make-over comes after years of construction work in and around the city. And many residents in the region say they're paying the price for the Games. Duration: 02:24 Feb 6, 2014

Sharapova returns to childhood tennis court in Sochi

Tennis star Maria Sharapova on Wednesday visited the Sochi tennis court where she first played the game as a child. A wall which Sharapova used to practise against has now been covered with a huge mural bearing her image. Duration: 01:12 Feb 6, 2014