Germany to destroy Syria chemical weapons at WWI site

Behind barbed wire fences at a top-security site in a German forest, workers in hazard suits will soon destroy remnants of Syrian chemical weapons, of a type first tested here during World War I. Duration: 00:46  Mar 6, 2014

Egypt trial of Al-Jazeera journalists resumes amid outcry

The Egyptian trial of Al-Jazeera journalists accused of supporting ousted president Mohamed Morsi's banned Muslim Brotherhood, resumed today. The trial has triggered an international outcry, drawing criticism from the United States. Duration: 01:08 Mar 6, 2014

Netanyahu: Israel captured ship with Iranian weapons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounces Iran after Israel intercepted a ship in the Red Sea carrying Iranian "advanced weaponry" bound for Palestinian militants in Gaza on Wednesday. Duration: 00:41 Mar 6, 2014

Determined Kiev protesters pay homage to their fallen

Kiev residents continue to light candles and leave flowers at dozens of makeshift shrines on Maidan square, to commemorate the protesters who died after police opened fire with live ammunition. Duration: 01:02 Mar 6, 2014

UN envoy wants to establish Kiev-Moscow dialogue

UN deputy secretary-general Jan Eliasson appealed Wednesday for dialogue and deescalation in the Ukraine crisis as he urged participants to refrain from Cold War reflexes. Duration: 00:43 Mar 6, 2014

India sets dates for world's biggest election

India, the world's largest democracy, announces it will stage a five-week election from April 7 that is expected to bring Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi to power on a platform of economic revival. Duration: 01:20 Mar 5, 2014

Pistorius defence tries to prove witnesses collusion

Oscar Pistorius's defence sought to prove that a married couple who heard screams on the night of Reeva Steenkamp's death colluded in their testimony, hoping to discredit key witnesses Wednesday. Duration: 01:28 Mar 5, 2014

China targets 7.5 percent economic growth for 2014

China is targeting growth of about 7.5 percent in 2014, promising to "declare war" on pollution as the government pledges to transform the world's second-largest economy. Duration: 01:24 Mar 5, 2014

'We don't want to fight Russia': Ukraine, France

Ukraine's interim government and France play down the prospect of a full-blown conflict with Russia ahead of potentially crucial talks on the Crimea crisis in Paris. Duration: 01:25 Mar 5, 2014