Ukraine crisis worries India, National Security Adviser hopes for peaceful settlement

New Delhi, March 07 (ANI): India hoped that the crisis in Ukraine would be settled peacefully after satisfactory solution of the broader issues concerning the region, said National Security Adviser, Shiv Shankar Menon. Menon said that New Delhi was concerned with the developments in the region. Further, Menon said that the government would ensure that the parliament polls were as safe and secure as possible in wake of street clashes after announcement of the dates in April and May. Street clashes erupted in India after an announcement that parliamentary elections will start on April 7. Mar 7, 2014

Venezuela looks to S.American leaders as toll hits 20

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urges a meeting of South American leaders over the growing turmoil facing his country, where the death toll from a month of anti-government protests hit 20. Duration: 01:01 Mar 7, 2014

India and Bangladesh officials conduct joint border survey in Tripura

Tripura, March 07 (ANI): A Bangladesh team led by Md Abdul Mannan, Director General of Bangladesh’s Department of Land Records and Survey, was in India to carry out a joint border survey with their Indian counterparts. The Indian team was led by the Director of the Survey of India, NR Biswal. They surveyed some 200 kms of the international boundary, including few disputed points like Kamalasagar, Kaiyerdhepha and Akhaura land port areas, and also finalised the location of the new subsidiary border pillars. The teams had earlier visited a few spots in Sylhet District of Bangladesh. India shares a 4,096 km long border with Bangladesh, the longest boundary it has with any of its neighbors. Mar 7, 2014

Ukraine's Tymoshenko condemns Crimea referendum plan

Ukrainian opposition icon Yulia Tymoshenko, recently freed after a two-year jail term, on Thursday slammed a decision by Crimean lawmakers to vote on whether to join Russia as illegitimate and unconstitutional. Duration: 01:17 Mar 7, 2014

National Rifle Association head speaks at CPAC

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre said Thursday the greatest freedom is "the right to survive and protect our families" at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Duration: 00:49 Mar 7, 2014

Dalai Lama: America is champion of democracy, freedom

After leading the US Senate in prayer, the Dalai Lama encouraged the United States to show self-confidence in defending democracy as top lawmakers rallied behind his calls to preserve Tibetan culture. Duration: 00:51 Mar 7, 2014

EU leaders call for dialogue at Ukraine summit

Europe's leaders gathered for crisis talks on Ukraine Thursday, pressing Russia to opt for dialogue and de-escalation while warning sanctions were in the offing should Moscow refuse a diplomatic solution. Mar 7, 2014

Magdalena Island: where monogamous penguins come to breed

50km-away from Punta Arena in southern Chile is the Magdalena Island, home to the Magellan penguins. This species of monogamous penguins arrive in the summer to breed then migrate to the Brazilian coasts in the winter. Duration: 01:06  Mar 7, 2014