Government to act tough against GNLA militants in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, June 24 (ANI): The Meghalaya police got into a gun battle with GNLA militants in East Garo Hills after busting their camp in Durama forests. The crackdown was launched after two cadres of the militant outfit brutally killed a 32–year–old Garo woman by suspecting her to be a police informer. The Centre has rushed 10 companies of additional paramilitary forces to assist the state police. Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma said the Assam-based anti-talk factions of ULFA and NDFB were also active in the Garo Hills and were in cohorts with the GNLA. The government is stressing on strengthening the state's police force to tackle rising terrorism in the Garo Hills. Efforts are also on to adopt the dialogue process with GNLA through interlocutors, on condition that they abjure violence. Jun 24, 2014

Waste pickers clean up World Cup stadiums

After each World Cup match come the waste pickers: 850 of them have been trained in Brazil to work inside the 12 stadiums and recycle an average of five tons of garbage generated by each game. Duration: 01:20 Jun 24, 2014

Protest over bridge barricade in divided Kosovo town

Residents react after Kosovo police fired tear gas Sunday to disperse stone-throwing protesters demanding the removal of a barricade on a bridge linking ethnic Albanians and Serbs in the divided town of Mitrovica. Duration: 00:41 Jun 24, 2014

Kenya protest over 'grass cutter' gang rape case

Hundreds of protesters marched through a Kenyan town Monday demanding justice for a schoolgirl who was brutally gang raped, ahead of the trial of suspects who were originally punished by being made to cut grass. Duration: 01:06 Jun 24, 2014

Kerry backs Iraq against 'existential' militant threat

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday pledged "intense" support for Iraq against the "existential threat" of a major militant offensive pushing toward Baghdad from the north and west. Duration: 01:19 Jun 24, 2014

Six-fingered family hopes Brazil wins its sixth World Cup title

The Da Silva family, who lives close to Brazil’s capital, shares a common trait: all 14 members were born with six fingers in each hand. A peculiarity they hope will bring luck to Brazil’s squad in winning their sixth World Cup title. Duration: 00:35 Jun 24, 2014

Army captures killer S. Korean conscript

A South Korean military conscript who shot dead five members of his unit near the border with North Korea is captured after wounding himself following a 24-hour standoff with thousands of troops. Duration: 00:35 Jun 23, 2014

Eight Bangladesh Islamists to hang for 2001 bombing

A Bangladeshi court sentences eight Islamists to death for a 2001 bomb attack that killed 10 people and wounded scores more during the country's main celebrations for the Bengali new year. Duration: 00:41 Jun 23, 2014

Christians lose divisive bid to use 'Allah' in Malaysia

Malaysia's highest court dismisses a bid by Christians for the right to use the word "Allah", ending a years-long legal battle that has escalated religious tensions in the Muslim-majority country. Duration: 00:39 Jun 23, 2014