Women's basketball restarts in Somalia after 24 years

Women's basketball teams have competed in a tournament in Mogadishu, the first in 24 years to be held in Somalia, a country that has for years been ravaged by civil wars and radical Islamist attacks. Duration: 00:59 May 30, 2014

From sitting to standing on the job for better health

Three centuries after Thomas Jefferson found standing up a superior way to work, a growing number of Americans are mulling the dangers of sitting down on the job -- and opting to get on their feet. Duration: 02:00 May 30, 2014

Tension flares in C.African capital day after deadly clashes

The situation was tense Thursday morning in certain parts of Bangui, Central African Republic, after at least 15 people, including a priest, were killed and several others wounded in clashes according to military sources. Duration: 00:27 May 30, 2014

Kerry tells Snowden to 'man up' and return to the US

Secretary of State John Kerry says fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden should "man up" and return to the United States to face justice for revealing US security secrets. Duration: 00:52 May 29, 2014