BSE closes points 242.32 up n on August 4

New Delhi, August 4 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 242.32 points up to stand at 25,723.16. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 81.05 points up to stand at 7,683.65. Apollo Tyres and Crompton Greav were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 6.10% and 5.89% along with HPCL and CESC with an increase of 5.16% and 5.16% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include Syndicate Bank and Financial Tech with a decrease of 7.05% and 4.99% along with Britannia Industries and Bhushan Steel with a decrease of 3.57% and 3.49% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is up 228.63 points at 15,558.20 while the banking sector is up 120.99 points at 17,449.97 and the reality sector is up 19.82 points at 1,893.40. The Indian currency is down 0.12% at Rs 61.11 per dollar. Aug 4, 2014

JK Rowling wants orphan kids to be moved into family care

New Delhi, August 4 (ANI): JK Rowling, who has her own children charitable organization called Lumos has said that she wants orphan kids to be moved into family care. The _Harry Potter_ series author said that there was still much to be done to change the lives of eight million children in institutions worldwide including spreading awareness and challenging the misconception around the world that orphanages were _good_ for children in adversity, which they were not, a leading daily reported. JK Rowling_s children_s charity Lumos aims to move children out of institutions such as orphanages and into family or community-based care. Aug 4, 2014

Police lathi charge on students protesting against water logging in Allahabad

Allahabad, Aug 04 (ANI): Police in Allahabad lathi charged on students protesting against authority___s inaction in solving the problem of water logging in civil lines area of the city. The students were protesting over the water logged roads that resulted from the rain and jammed drainage system in the city. The police beat up the protesters incessantly and dragged them to the police vehicle before detaining them. Aug 4, 2014

Massive rescue operation underway as death toll in China Earthquake rises to at least 398

China, Aug 04 (ANI): Rescuers are racing against time to save lives after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake killed at least 398 people and injured more than 1,800 others in southwest China_s Yunnan Province. Yunnan has sent 7,000 rescuers, including a total of 5,000 army officers and soldiers, police officers and firefighters, to the quake-hit areas. At the epicenter in Longtoushan Township, Ludian County, firefighters had rescued 30 people and recovered 37 bodies from the debris on Monday. Yunnan Armed Police Corps and reserve army units have had professional earthquake rescuers on the site, trying to find anyone still alive under the ruins, with life detectors. Power was restored to some 19,000 households on Monday morning, and civil affairs authorities have sent 2000 tents, 3000 folding beds, 3000 quilts and 3000 coats to affected areas. Aug 4, 2014

Forgetting differences, a Muslim recites Hindu religious books

Bareilly, Aug 04 (ANI): India is a multifaith nation, which stands on the bedrock of harmony between people of diverse religions and communities. And this enduring spirit of acceptance and tolerance is visible in Bareilly district of northern state of Uttar Pradesh where a Muslim, Aashik Zaidi, recite Hindu religious books. Ashik Zaidi has kept alive the faith in humanity and has become an example to admire for many. His collection has religious and mythological books from many faiths and all are given equal respect. Communal love and amity between people from various walks of life has been the reflection of Indian culture and people like Zaidi proves this ethos in true sense. Aug 4, 2014

SC issues notice to government over selection of vigilance commissioner

New Delhi, Aug 04 (ANI): Supreme Court of India issued notice to central government on Monday on a petition seeking more transparency in the selection of Chief Vigilance Commissioner. A PIL was filed by the government of BJP for public integrity in view of appointment of PJ Thomas as Central Vigilance Commissioner after which the apex court laid a set of guidelines and directions for vigilance body selections. Senior advocate, Prashant Bhushan, reiterated court_s judgment saying matter will be heard after four weeks. Bhushan also added the ruling government has failed to abide by the directions of Supreme Court issued two years ago and also, the latest guidelines of the central government are not in conformity with the court_s judgment. The petition filed demanded a complete transparency within the selection manner and also emphasised upon the need of more precise directions by the Supreme Court. Aug 4, 2014

Educational institutions in Bankura promote communal harmony

West Bengal, Aug 04 (ANI): India being the land of communal harmony houses many educational institutes which are built for conveying the age old ethos of the country. One such example can be found in Bamunbandh Prathamik vidyalay and Bamunbandh Netaji Vidyapith of Bankura, West Bengal. Here not only students belonging to different communities study together, but has also employed Hindu cooks who cook for these students. More than fifty students are being educated in this institute who besides learning the book knowledge also learn about communal harmony and brotherhood. Such instances help in strengthening the social fabric of India that is made up of diverse strands. Aug 4, 2014

2 drown, 18 missing after ferry capsizes in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, Aug 04 (ANI): At least 18 people went missing and two were confirmed dead as a ferry, the Pinak-6 capsized in the Jamuna river in Bangladesh. The motorboat with 70 to 75 passengers aboard was traveling to Char Salimabad from Michuani Char, when it flipped owing to strong currents. Meanwhile, 55 passengers managed to swim ashore to safety. Local police Chief Tofazzal Hossain said that the ferry was overloaded with passengers and capsized because the river currents were rough. Aug 4, 2014

'I will never abandon' Down's baby says Thai surrogate

The Thai surrogate mother of a baby born with Down Syndrome vows to "never abandon" him after the Australian parents reportedly refused to care for him, sparking a moral debate and a cascade of donations for the boy's medical care. Duration: 01:25 Aug 4, 2014

Indian PM visits Nepal temple

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits a temple in Kathmandu during a two-day visit to Nepal aimed at securing energy deals. Duration: 00:33 Aug 4, 2014

US restaurant offers 15 percent off for praying before meal

New Delhi, August 4 (ANI): A North Carolina restaurant offers a 15 percent off to customers that display gratitude for their meal with a prayer. According to a leading news agency, Mary's Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem has been giving this discount for the past four years. The restaurant owner, Mary Haglund asserted that the discount was "not a policy", but a gift given to those who took the time to appreciate their food and was seen having a moment. One customer, who visited the restaurant during a business trip, asserted that she and her colleagues prayed over their meal and the waitress came over at the end of the meal to inform them about the 15 percent discount they got for praying. Aug 4, 2014

Political leaders laud PM Modi's maiden visit to Nepal

New Delhi, Aug 4 (ANI): Politicians on Monday hailed the first bilateral visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Nepal, which aimed to scale the ties between the two nations to greater heights. Modi is on a two-day visit to Kathmandu to help speed up negotiations on a power trade pact that is at the centre of his new diplomatic drive. Lauding Modi's Nepal visit, BJP Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said it would have a greater impact on the relations between the two countries. Earlier on Sunday, Modi offered Nepal $1 billion in concessional loans to help build power plants and roads during his address in Nepal assembly, aimed at shoring up support in a region where China is making inroads. Meanwhile, BJD leader Jay Panda said Modi's visit would rule out allegations of big brotherly attitude levelled by neighbouring countries. Shiv Sena Spokesprson Sanjay Raut said Modi's visit to Nepal would prove fruitful for both the nations. Congress leader Manish Tewari said Modi should re-negotiate the 1950 treaty. Aug 4, 2014

Sindhi nationalists decry the influx of IDPs from N. Waziristan

Karachi, Aug 04: The influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from volatile North Waziristan into Sindh worries nationalist parties in the province. Sindh Bachao Committee (Save Sindh Committee) in association with a dozen of other Sindhi nationalist parties recently observed a complete shutter down strike across Sindh, including Karachi. Their major concern is the possible invasion of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan militants in the region since after Pakistan Army launched 'Zarh-e-Azb' operation against terrorist groups based in North Waziristan. There are fears about a rise in sectarian violence and other terrorist activities in Sindh. The growth of fundamentalist groups, many with links to armed factions, has been alarmingly rapid in Sindh and has brought violence in its wake. Aug 4, 2014