ICC rejects Congolese warlord Lubanga's appeal

The International Criminal Court on Monday upheld Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga's conviction for using child soldiers in his rebel army, handing down its first-ever appeals verdict. Duration: 00:34 Dec 2, 2014

MH17 jet wreckage ready for transport to Netherlands

Six more coffins carrying body parts of victims from downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 arrived in the Netherlands from Ukraine on Friday, with nine victims of the July disaster still unidentified. Duration: 00:44 Dec 2, 2014

Egyptian opposition calls liberation of Mubarak "black day"

Leftist leaders condemned Saturday's dismissal of murder charges against Hosni Mubarak, on which Hamdeen Sabbahi, who lost the May presidential election to Sisi, commented it was a "black day in Egypt's history." Duration: 00:38 Dec 2, 2014

Peugeot holding 'intense' talks on return to Iran

France's PSA Peugeot-Citroen is in "intense" talks about resuming production in Iran, halted since March 2012, a top representative of the automaker said in Tehran on Monday. Duration: 00:38 Dec 2, 2014

French business owners protest taxes, red tape

Several hundred business owners demonstrated in Paris on Monday to protest hefty taxes, charges and stifling regulations they say are driving their firms into the ground. Duration: 00:58 Dec 2, 2014

NATO developing interim reaction force for early 2015

The first troops of a high-speed NATO reaction force designed to meet the sort of crisis highlighted by Russia's Ukraine intervention should be ready early next year, officials said Monday. Duration: 00:43 Dec 1, 2014

Leftist Vazquez wins Uruguay presidential runoff

Tabare Vazquez, the former Uruguayan president who leapfrogged back to the helm Sunday, is a cancer doctor with a far more traditional style than his ex-rebel, marijuana-legalizing predecessor, Jose Mujica. Duration: 00:59 Dec 1, 2014

Amnesty demands Kiev accountability for police brutality

Amnesty International activists in Ukraine took part in theatrical protest action in front of the presidential administration building Monday in Kiev, demanding proper investigation of rights violations during Euromaidan protests. Duration: 01:11 Dec 1, 2014