UP gets decorated for SP Chief Mulayam Singh's 75th birthday celebrations

Lucknow/ Moradabad/ Rampur, Nov 21 (ANI): Samajwadi Party Supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav will celebrate his 75th birthday on Friday in Rampur. Senior leader Azam Khan is in charge of the two-day celebrations which will begin on November 21 in Rampur. Elaborate arrangements are being made for the occasion which will also be attended by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Streets of Lucknow, Rampur and Moradabad were decorated for the celebrations. Khan has planned to get a towering "75-feet cake" and a horse-drawn buggy imported straight from London to celebrate the SP chief's birthday. Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Vijay Bahadur Pathak criticized the SP government in the state and said that spending government funds on birthday celebrations is condemnable and needs to be answered. Nov 21, 2014

Government carries out search and rescue training in Nainital

Nainital, Nov 21 (ANI): The disaster management department in Uttarakhand trained firemen for search and rescue operations recently. The state witnessed one of the worst disasters last year. The training is being provided by the disaster management department of Uttarakhand state government. The instructor, Sunil Vaidh, said the firemen were being trained in carrying out search and rescue operations in the case of any untoward incident. Vaidh added about 2000 government officials have been trained till now and further such training programmes would carry on. A trainee fireman, Bhairav Dutt, was happy to learn the techniques. The present training course would continue till November 23. Nov 21, 2014

Harsh winter threatens conflict-ridden Eastern Ukraine

Fighting between pro-Russian militants and Ukrainian government troops has left much of the village of Stepanivka, Ukraine, destroyed, leaving about one third of the 1,300 residents without electricity and due to face a harsh winter. Duration: 02:18 Nov 21, 2014

W. Bank center offers Palestinians ballet classes

Ramallah dancer Shyrine Ziadeh wants to use pirouettes and plies to change the place in which she grew up, training aspiring ballerinas to show that "something beautiful comes from Palestine." Duration: 00:47 Nov 21, 2014

One year on, Maidan activists reflect on Ukraine's journey

Ukraine's worst political crisis since its independence in 1991 has witnessed a full year of bloody turmoil. Activists who took part in the protest reflect on the year and whether the crisis that has rocked Ukraine has been worth it. Duration: 01:23 Nov 21, 2014

Expert: Extremism on the rise amongst both Jews and Muslims

Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem are accustomed to living with the threat of violence for decades, but recent weeks have seen fears rise to new levels, with random, deadly assaults targeting ordinary citizens in broad daylight. Duration: 01:02 Nov 21, 2014

Mexico's first lady to sell controversial mansion

Mexico's first lady announces she was putting her multi-million-dollar private mansion on sale to end a controversy over her purchase of the property from a government contractor. Duration: 01:11 Nov 21, 2014

Nations pledge $9.3 bn for Green Climate Fund

Nations meeting in Berlin pledge $9.3 billion (7.4 bn euros) for a climate fund to help poor countries cut emissions and prepare for global warming, just shy of a $10bn target. Duration: 00:46 Nov 20, 2014