Plants vs. Zombies 2
Plants vs. Zombies 2 was released for iOS devices in

Plants vs. Zombies 2, a tower defence game from developers PopCap Games, is gearing up for its worldwide launch on the Android platform. 

The free-to-play downloadable game, which was originally released for iOS on 15 August, is a sequel to the popular original Plants vs. Zombies which will add new features, setting and situations to the game.

PopCap Games said it will be entering the Android devices "soon," GameSpot reported. The game has been released to New Zealand and Australia as part of PopCap's plans to expand the soft launch in more territories. The game was released in China in September.

There were reports that Apple paid money to PopCap in order to delay the game's release on Android devices. Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels was cited in a report as saying, "Apple gave us a truckload of money to delay the Android version [of Plants vs. Zombies 2]."

But Electronic Arts (EA), publisher of the game, explained that the comment by Gibeau was taken out of context leading to a "misunderstanding" and the company denied any such incident between Apple and itself.

The game has been very successful since its iOS release, garnering 25 million downloads. PopCap is yet to confirm if they will roll out a PC verison of the game.

In Plants vs, Zombies 2, players have to protect their house from zombies. They can place plants that can defend against the zombie invasion. Crazy Dave in his search of a taco, time travels between different eras. Players will get to play themes like Egyptian, Wild West and Pirates.

(YouTube Courtesy: PlantsVsZombies)