Sonam Kapoor receives 'I Am Woman' empowerment award

April 6, 2016 13:06 IST 2 of 5
'I AM WOMAN' Movement celebrates and awards the inspiration of women, wherein power women speak about their personal and professional challenges and how they overcame them. Apart from Sonam Kapoor, the other recipients include Lucky Morani, Amrita Raichand, Kiran Bawa, Rouble Nagi, Nisha JamVwal, Reshma Merchant, Raunaq Roy, Maheka Mirpuri, Devita Saraf among others, each woman who has carved a niche by herself. Other than educationist Karan Gupta, Nitish Shah, the guests Mohomed Morani, Sana Khaan, Jalpa Vithalani, Kavitta Verma, Aarzoo Govitrikar, Bina Aziz, Vidya Malwade, director Sanjay Dayma and a host of others. Credit: Varinder Chawla