Rajinikanth's Brand Kabali now on mobile phones and coffee mugs

July 11, 2016 17:17 IST 2 of 3
"I consider this an opportunity more than anything else. The idea is not to sound commercial, but inspire others," Ronak Sarda, founder and design strategist of Coveritup, told IANS. "Being a startup, not only our hard work paid off but the fact that the entire team of 'Kabali' has been so supportive and understanding is not something one would expect. Making a good design is one thing, but appreciating and letting us be a part of something this big, means a lot," he said. "It took us 11 days to finalise the design, which was instantly approved by the makers who suggested we use it instead of the original poster," he said, adding that a lot of effort and detailing has gone into the design. Credit: IANS