Power shift: How JDU, BJP made RJD, Cong irrelevant in Bihar in last three elections

October 6, 2015 22:45 IST
After fighting it together in the last two assembly elections, the BJP and the JDU—two of the biggest parties in the outgoing House—will be face-to-face this time, making it difficult for the poll pundits to predict which way it may go. The BJP-led NDA and the JDU-led Grand Alliance will battle it out in the five-phase Bihar Assembly polls, starting on 12 October. BJP and JDU continuously gained during the last three elections, thus eating into the vote shares of Congress and RJD. The biggest gainer was JDU, whose strength rose to 115 in 2010 from 55 seats in February 2005, followed by the BJP’s 91 from 37. RJD’s tally fell to 22 from 75 during the period, while Congress was restricted to 4 in 2010. Credit: KBK