Kubra Sait hosted Hindware book and app launch with Shah Rukh Khan

July 27, 2016 17:36 IST 1 of 1
On 23rd July, 2016 when Kubra Sait hosted the Hindware book and app launch with Shah Rukh Khan, the die hard fan she is was elated? Oh no no, she was actually overwhelmed to have a brief rendezvous with the star who has epitomized romance on screen for the longest time "Since the time I can remember, I have been a big Shah Rukh khan fan or you can say 'I am Shah Rukh girl'. This was not the first time I hosted an event with him, I have hosted a couple of events with him in the past but the aura he brings to the stage has never changed. He is probably the only actor in Bollywood who has the wit and the charm to wow the audience. It is always a pleasure to share the stage with him; hopefully someday I will get the chance to share the screen space with him". Credit: Varinder Chawla