• A man rides a camel loaded with fodder. It shows how the poor animal has been treated.Reuters
  • Commuters, including school boys, travel on a crowded bus. It looks like the passengers have balanced the bus from all the sides by hanging on to it.Reuters
  • A man drives a taxi loaded with bicycles and milk containers.Reuters
  • A man pulls his trishaw loaded with used polystyrene on a foggy day.Reuters
  • Boys ride a motorbike on their way back home after taking a bath in a canal. The talent of riding two wheelers with more than two people is a common thing in India.Reuters
  • Milk containers hang from the windows of a passenger train. This is the creative way to make space for other passengers.Reuters
  • Passengers on a crowded motorised rickshaw.Reuters
  • A man rides a bullock-cart carrying straw through a flooded road.Reuters
  • Passengers hanging out from overcrowded trains are also commonly seen in India.Reuters
  • This is an incredible view to watch so many people on the branches of a tree instead of leaves and fruits.Reuters

India is an incredible place to witness many interesting things.

The small day-to-day things that we observe, from 'overcrowded buses' to 'overloaded cycles', may not surprise us now. But these weird as well as amazing things can only happen in India.

Indian drivers as well as the passengers are truly the risk takers. People are eager to occupy even a little space that is left on a bus or a train. They have the strength to carry garbage filled bags or any other things loaded on their bicycle or rickshaw.

Check out the above slideshow of the over-loaded India.

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