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Recent reports, which emerged after Zayn Malik dropped out of the band's recent Indonesia tour, suggest that One Direction may be on the verge of splitting.

In such difficult times, Harry Styles has been a "rock" for the other team members. An insider explained to Hollywood.com that the band is going through a rough patch and Styles has been trying his level best to keep the boy band from falling apart. "Zayn has his issues and he's dealing with them. Louis is struggling emotionally. Liam and Niall have created kind of their own clique. But Harry, is the heart of the band and he's keeping them from falling apart," the insider said. "First off Harry is just a great guy who all the guys like being around. Second he's a good friend to all of them and really listens to their problems."

Even though Zayn has cited "stress" as the main reason behind his missing the tour, it has been learnt that he is disturbed due to problems with fiancée Perrie Edwards. The two began having problems after pictures of Zayn with a woman in Thailand emerged on the internet. But, the 22-year-old had been thinking of stepping back from the band and going solo. "At the moment he's convinced he wants out. He is finding it all too much and wants to quit the group," a source close to the singer told the Daily Star.

It's not only Zayn who is troubled by his love life. Louis Tomlinson is also struggling with personal issues. The band member recently broke up with girlfriend Eleanor Calderas, and he was also accused of cheating after his photograph of kissing another woman surfaced recently.

Meanwhile, another source said that Styles is very dedicated to the band. "Harry is very focused on the success of the band," said a source. "He's constantly writing songs and talking to the guys about the direction of their music."

After finishing third in the "X-Factor", 1D had signed a contract with Simon Cowell that is speculated to end this year. However, it is highly unlikely that the band would part ways just because of this.