• Sajida al Rishawi appears in 2005 on Jordanian national television after her arrest.TV grab/Twitter
  • In the latest ISIS video,Japanese journalist Goto is seen holding what appears to be a Photoshopped image of the Jordanian pilotTwitter
  • ISIS has asked its followers to suggest ways to kill the captured Jordanian pilot, Muath al-Kassasbeh.Twitter/ISIS
  • In the latest ISIS video,Japanese journalist Goto an image of Haruna Yakuwa after his beheading.Twitter

There are reports that Jordan has secretly moved Sajida al-Rishawi, the failed Al Qaeda suicide bomber who is on death row, from the prison to a secure location for a possible swap to facilitate the release of a Jordanian pilot and a Japanese hostage.

A local Jordanian news outlet reported that a military convoy in tight security was seen accompanying a prisoner out of the jail. The security detail consisted of helicopters watching over the convoy.

It is being reported that Jordan has reached an agreement to release al Rishawi but this is as yet unconfirmed.

Breakingnews also said there have been unconfirmed reports of a deal between Jordan and the Isis.

In the recent ISIS video of Japanese national Haruna Yakuwa, the terror group demanded the release of Sajida al Rishawi in exchange for another Japanese national, journalist Kenji Goto.

Later on Tuesday, the group released another video purporting to show Kenji Goto saying that unless Jordan frees Sajida al-Rishawi from death row he and the captive Jordanian pilot will be killed.

The new two-minute clip is accompanied by a photo of Goto holding what appears to be a Photoshopped image of the Jordanian pilot, Muadh al-Kasasbeh, being held a prisoner by the group since his aircraft crashed during a US-led bombing raid over eastern Syria in late December.

The man in the clip says: "She [Rishawi] has been a prisoner for a decade and I've only been a prisoner for a few months. Her for me, a straight exchange."

In 2005, al-Rishawi and her husband attacked a Radisson hotel in Jordan, but only his explosives detonated. After her explosives failed, she fled with the crowd but was later arrested.

Following a televised confession, in which she claimed her husband was the mastermind of the double suicide bombing plan, she was sentenced to death.

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