• Karishma TannaScreenshot/Youtube
  • Diandra SoaresScreenshot/Youtube
  • Gauahar KhanScreenshot/Youtube
  • Soni SinghScreenshot/Youtube
  • Tanisha MukherjeeScreenshot/Youtube
  • Kamya PunjabiScreenshot/Youtube
  • Rakhi SawantScreenshot/Youtube
  • Dolly BindraScreenshot/Youtube

The controversial TV series "Bigg Boss" has always kept the viewers stuck to the show. From dirty fights to love stories, the show has all the spice which is needed for entertainment.

"Bigg Boss" in a way brings out the real faces of the contestants, which means both the inner face as well as outer face 'without make-up'.

Here are a few lovely ladies of "Bigg Boss" who look different on screen and off screen.

Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna surely has a glowing skin which does not need any make-up. She looks gorgeous with and without make-up as well.

Diandra Soares

The well known face of the modelling industry, Diandra Soares, just can't go anywhere without make-up. The model does not appear good on camera in her actual look.

Gauahar Khan

The diva Gauahar Khan is actually beautiful with and without make-up. She has the natural beauty which is more visible when she is on camera.

Soni Singh

Soni Singh looks sick with dark circles and uneven patches on her face in real life. She needs to glam up most of the time to look presentable on screen.

Tanisha Mukherjee

Kajol's little sister Tanisha Mukherjee does need to go the extra mile to beautify herself. On camera the actress looks glamorous but in the "Bigg Boss" house people could see through her 'artificial' beauty.

Kamya Punjabi

TV actress Kamya Punjabi, who is popularly known for her negative roles with pretty looks on screen, does not have the greatest of skins. Her face with pimple and spots made her look too casual in "Bigg Boss".

Rakhi Sawant

Entertainer as well as trouble maker Rakhi Sawant was the limelight of the reality show. But if you compare her looks from the on-screen appearance, anybody can spot the difference.

Dolly Bindra

Words are not required to describe Dolly Bindra's looks in the house. She was the cause of every fight and her yelling anyways made her look bad.

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