The South Indian entertainment industry lost Kalabhavan Mani, who was a favourite among many and was known as the common man's superstar. The sudden demise of the comedian and villain due to severe liver ailments was a big shock to his colleagues and fans.

While some celebrities penned down their memories with Mani on social media pages, superstar Mohanlal simply posted a condolence message on his Facebook page. This did not go down well with many social media users, who slammed the actor for not recollecting his moments with the actor.  

Celebs attend Kalabhavan Mani's memorial service

Kushboo Sundar praises Kalabhavan Mani's daughter Sreelaksmi

The duo has shared screenspace in many movies like "Aaram Thampuran," "Naaturajavu," "Narasimham," "Chotta Mumbai" and "Shikkar," among many others.

In retort, the actor posted a photo of him from the movie "Bharatham," in which Mohanlal's character Gopinath is seen mourning the death of his brother by sitting in a ring of fire and singing the song "Ramakadha Ganalayam." The image soon went viral on social media.

Later, in an exclusive write up on Manorama, the actor revealed why he remained silent after Mani's death. "Following the death of Kalabhavan Mani, many in social media asked why I was silent. I first thought that an answer was not needed, but now I feel a note is warranted," wrote Mohanlal. 

The actor, who was constantly in touch with the hospital authorities enquiring about Mani condition, says that the demise of his brother has created a void in his life. "The death of Mani has created a kind of indifference and void in me. I did not feel like talking to anyone. I have seen the deaths of Padmarajan and Aalumoodan at close quarters. The same indifference was felt then," he adds.

Mohanlal also recalls his attachment with Mani, who shared many problems and deepest feelings with him. Despite being a jovial person, Lal remembers that Mani had looked weak when he disclosed details of his deteriorating health to the "Loham" actor. "Mani was very close to me; a friend and supporter who could be counted upon. With some people, we share deep bonds that are not very obvious on the outside. Mani was such a person," he adds.

Calling the versatile actor the most honest person he has ever met, Mohanlal says the comedian was the kind to remain honest under any circumstance. Lal also said that he was disturbed when he had to look at Mani's dead body in a photo and that he was trying to forget the shock by making himself busy with work.

"Speaking a few words in front of channel cameras to condole his death would be merely perfunctory. What I did was to become busy in order to forget his demise. I do not even know how to console his wife and daughter who had to see a very active person suddenly walking out of their lives. The image of his body lying in the freezer disturbed me so much that it cannot be conveyed," Mohanlal wrote.

The "Pulimurugan" actor ends his letter saying: "I do not know how to express myself more; no death has in the near past made me so indifferent."