• Justin Bieber celebrates his 21st birthday on Sunday, 1 March.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  • He was born in 1994 as the only child of Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia "Pattie" Mallette.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  • His full name is Justin Drew Bieber.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  • The "Baby" singer has two teddy bears, namely Willis and Mr Bear.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  • Bieber does not trust many people and the few trustworthy people in his list includes parents and manager Scooter Braun.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  • The 'Confident' singer is a big fan of Drake and has a celebrity crush on Beyonce.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  •  The "Never Say Never" singer does not believe in sexual abstinence and abortion.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  • His favourite colors are purple and blue.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  • Bieber loves to eat Captain Crunch with berries for breakfast.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  • He is the first artist to have seven of his songs from debut album on Billboard Hot 100.Instagram/Justin Bieber
  • His favorite movie is "The Notebook" and he loves to watch TV Shows, like "Friends" and "Smallville".Instagram/Justin Bieber

Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber, who is popularly known as the "Baby" singer, turns 21 on Sunday, 1 March.

The celeb has already kicked-off the birthday celebration with a ride on his surprise gift, a 1965 Lincoln Continental. The $20,000 worth car was presented to him by his business partners John and Sammy Shahidi, reported TMZ.

He is also planning to star in a sequel to "The Comedy Central Roast" on his special day, which will be telecast on 30 March. However, Selena Gomez's name is no where seen in the list.

The celebrity couple might have moved on from their on-and-off-again relationship. But there is a buzz that the two miss each other. 

While Bieber's latest single "Where Are U Now" is speculated to be about his ex-girlfriend, Gomez's "I Want You to Know" is said to be inspired by her ex-beau.

So Jelena fans can still expect a reunion of their favourite power couple in future. 

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