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Hong Kong based martial artist/actor Jackie Chan turns 61 on Tuesday, 7 April, 2015.

Chan, who is well known all over the world for his acrobatic fighting style, has acted in more than 150 films ever since he began his acting career in the 1960s.

Rare and Unseen Photos of Jackie Chan

His debut film was "Big and Little Wong Tin Bar" in 1962 and he was last seen in the 2015 film "Dragon Blade". 

His upcoming films are "Skiptrace" and "Kung Fu Panda 3".

Check out some unknown facts about the stunt man below:

1. Jackie Chan's real name is Chan Kong-Sang, which means 'born in Hong Kong'.

2. Chan got the name Jackie while he was a construction worker in Canberra, Australia.

3. Apart from being known for his stunt sequences, he is also a trained classical vocalist, who has 20 albums to his credit.

4. Chan holds two world records – for performing the maximum number of stunts and for handling more than 15 works in his film "Armour of God 3", as the director, writer, lead actor, executive producer, producer, unit producer, cinematographer, stunt coordinator, stuntman, gaffer, manager, art director, prop man, theme song vocalist, composer and even the caterer. 

5. Chan knows to speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Thai and also American sign language. 

6. Chan has also acted in a comedy adult film named "All in the Family", in which he appeared in a nude sex scene.

7. Chan suffered brain hemorrhage during the shooting of "Armour of God" in 1986.

8. Almost all his body parts suffered injuries during the shooting of his films.

9. Chan began acting in films when he was just eight years old.

10. While Chan's mother was an opium smuggler, his father was a spy for the Chinese National government.

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