• A man accused of being gay, was thrown down from the building by ISIS.ISIS Media
  • The man survived after being thrown down from a building, but was then stoned to death by the crowd.ISIS Media
  • The man in his 50s was blindfolded and made to sit on a chair before being thrown down from a 7-storey building in RaqqaISIS Media
  • The man being blindfolded before being thrown from a building in Raqqa for being gay.ISIS Media

In one of the most shocking terrorism-related activities, the ISIS jihadists reportedly blindfolded a man, threw him from the top of a building and when he still survived the fall, he was stoned to death. His "crime" was that he was a "gay man".

New images are being circulated online where members of the deadly jihadist group appear to hurl the blindfolded man from the top of a seven-storey building. The incident occurred in the ISIS stronghold town of Tal Abyad in Raqqa, reports have said. 

The man, who was being punished for having a homosexual "affair", had surprisingly survived the deadly fall. The hardliner Sunni militants, however, showed no mercy and in fact gathered people to stone him to death.

The incident, which has been confirmed by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights ― based on the information it has collected from a network of activists on the ground ― claimed that the ISIS carried out the punishment late last month

Surrounded by at least two masked militants who were clad in black dress, the man was first placed in a white chair while being blindfolded. He was then pushed from the top of the building. One of the pictures show the disturbing moment when he is still falling towards the ground.

British tabloid Daily mail noted that a "judgment" was read by one of the jihadist present with him before he was thrown. Condemning his sexual orientation, the man reportedly said that he must be thrown from the "highest point of the city".

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