• Jordanian pilot, Muath al-Kassasbeh.null
  • The sixth issue of Dabiq features an interview with the captured Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh,who is shown wearing an orange jumpsuit talking to his captors.Dabiq/ISIS
  • ISIS has asked its followers to suggest ways to kill the captured Jordanian pilot, Muath al-Kassasbeh.Twitter/ISIS

The Islamic State (ISIS) has come out with a purported interview in its mouthpiece "Dabiq" in which a captured Jordanian pilot is quoted as saying that the ISIS militants will kill him.  

The F-16 pilot, Mu'ath Safi Yusuf al Kasaesbeh, was captured by the Islamic State militants on 24 December after his jet crashed during US-led coalition military strikes near ISIS's de-facto capital, Raqqa last week.

In the interview published in the latest issue of "Dabiq", the ISIS militants ask the 26-year-old pilot: "Do you know what the Islamic State (ISIS) will do with you?", to which the jumpsuit-wearing pilot is quoted as replying: "Yes. They will kill me." 

The word Dabiq refers to a mythical place in Syria where the final apocalyptic battle will be fought, according to Islamic teachings.

Images circulated by the ISIS on social media show bearded men with AK-47s pulling the terrified pilot out of a nearby river.

Referring to the circumstances that lead to his capture, the online magazine quotes the pilot as saying: "We entered the region of Raqqa to sweep the area, then the striker jets entered to begin their attack. My plane was struck by a heat-seeking missile. I heard and felt its hit."

The Jordanian government and the US Central Command, however, have firmly maintained that the fighter jet had crashed due a technical issue and was not shot down by the ISIS.

In the interview titled "The Capture of a Crusader Pilot", the ISIS fighters ask the pilot whether he has seen any of the videos in which the militants are executing prisoners, to which al Kassasbeh replies in the negative. 

The interviewer then says "we will make sure the jailers provide you with the opportunity to see although the disbelievers dislike it,'" referring to the Peter Kassig beheading video by the Islamic State militants. 

Following the capture of the Jordanian pilot, ISIS even started a Twitter discussion among its followers asking for suggestions on ways to kill its hostage. Many ISIS supporters requested that he should be run over by a road-roller,while others asked him to be killed slowly by impaling.

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