• Air India StaffScreenshot
  • Air India StaffScreenshot

India's national carrier Air India fell victim to social media backlash after some staff members of the airlines refused entry to a few passengers who reached the check in counter five minutes late.

A video shot by one of the passengers has gone viral, in which the officials are seen arguing with the passengers with valid ticket for being late by five minutes. According to the airlines website, check-ins stop one hour before the departure time from international terminals and 45 minutes before for domestic flights.

"For domestic flights, the counter closing time is 45 minutes before departure of flight. Counters for flights (both Domestic and International) operating from international terminal close 60 minutes before departure of flight," according to Air India.

However, passengers claimed that they received a message from Air India asking them to be at the airport before 45 minutes of departure.

"As Per the message from AIR INDIA one should be within 45 mins from departure . . . . . & Even though PPL are 55 mins before departure. They are not allowed to enter," Shivendra Namdeo, who uploaded the video on Facebook said.

"Nothing is free boss. If you are late, you lose the ticket," an official is heard saying in the video.

The video, uploaded on Facebook on Saturday, 14 February, has so far received more than 739,471 views. 

"This is How AIR INDIA , , So called pride of INDIA . . . . . Treats their PASSENGER. Mr. PM if you are listening please listen to AAM AADMI VOICE. Who is suffering.................... ‪#‎AirIndia‬ Goibibo," the uploader wrote. (sic)