Law Minister in Trouble as Mob Targets Blacks in Delhi; Latest Reactions

In what seems to have been a case of racial profiling, a group of African women who were targeted by a vigilante mob led by Delhi's Law Minister Somnath Bharti has caused a national embarrassment. The women, who are Ugandan nationals, have now demanded the resignation of the law minister. Jan 19, 2014

Congress Will Regret Supporting AAP: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has pledged action against corrupt officials from the previous government, even if it leads to the Congress party withdrawing its support to AAP. In two separate television interviews, the CM reiterated that Congress would soon regret offering support to his party. Jan 19, 2014
George Bailey Australia

3rd ODI Where to Watch Live: Australia vs England Live Streaming Information

As if being humiliated in the Ashes was not enough, England found their hopes of picking up their first victory against Australia in this the-sooner-we-forget-and-go-home-the-better tour snatched dramatically by the heroics of James Faulkner. The 3rd ODI, England will pray for a reversal of fortunes. The match is available for live streaming online. Jan 18, 2014