'Glee' Season 5 Episode 14: Kurt and Blaine Heading for a Split?

Now that the "Glee" gang have moved to New York City, some of them are finding it difficult to adjust to life in the big city. This is especially true of Blaine, who decided to live with his fiancé Kurt now that they are in the same city. Apr 2, 2014

'The Voice' USA 2014 The Battles Round 2: Top 24 Set to Perform; Where to Watch Live

"The Voice" USA 2014 has entered an interesting phase with the top 24 contestants battling out on stage to move on to the live rounds. The Knockout Round, as seen in the previous seasons, has been replaced by The Battles Round 2 with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin mentoring the contestants. The Battles Round 2 episode 2 will start on Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST on NBC Television. Apr 1, 2014