Researchers used 20 different types of coffee to assess the quality of biofuel produced from each one (University of Bath)

Cars may soon Run on Ground Coffee Beans

A team of researchers has created a new biofuel using waste coffee grounds which could be a potential source of fuel for powering vehicles on roads. Jun 18, 2014

No Rail Fare Hike without Modi's Approval

Rail Fare Hike: The decision to raise the railway fare by 14.5 per cent and freight rates by 6.5 per cent will be finalised only after Railway Ministers consult Narendra Modi... Jun 18, 2014
Amit Shah to be the Next BJP Chief?

Amit Shah to be the Next BJP Chief?

Speculations are rife that Amit Shah, known to be Prime Minister Narendra Modi's right-hand man, is gearing up to take over as the head of the Bharatiya Janata Party Jun 18, 2014